Where’s Manny?

The Dodgers have shown us Manny’s new locker. Now show us Manny!!!

Manny and Torre.gif


Joe Torre is calling for Manny’s return, Jeff Kemp is calling for Manny’s return, plenty of Dodger fans are calling for Manny’s return. Is’nt it about time that we have Manny return?


Andre’s arbitration hearing set for today. 

Andre Ethier and the Dodgers are scheduled to see an arbitrator today. The Dodgers have offered Andre $2.65 million and he is asking for $3.75 million. I hope they can work something out before they reach the arbitrator, but if not I side with Andre.


Juan Pierre is feeling a little left out.

Juan Pierre showed up for spring training early. After asking to be traded at the seasons end last year, Juan is still a Dodger, he is still asking to play or be traded. Juan we are happy you are in camp early and want to play, just go compete and we shall hope for the best.

Again though is’nt about time for Manny to return?


Dodgers new spring training site, lacking sponsorship. 

The Dodgers new training site is lacking major sponsorship, is what we learned this week. I am saddened to hear this news, as I want my Dodgers to be sucsessful in all aspects of the game. Unfortunatly as this news comes out, many Dodger fans are lacking finances to just get by. Here is an Idea lower prices now in good faith, rather than later when it becomes apparent that we need the help. Thanks Mr Wolf for thinking of us :-)



On the brighter side they are tossing the ball around again. 

The players have started their migration back to the park. They are getting in shape working hard and fine tuning those marvelous skills of thiers, so I am getting excited. I cant wait it wont be long now and we will hear the words…PLAY – BALL!


                                             GO DODGERS!!!


                            Bring The Ring To L.A. In 2009!!!!


Do you think Manny will sign before Spring Training ends?


It appears that the Dodgers are waiting till the last minute to make any transactions, this season. When is the last minute, spring training, opening day, or maybe when teams no longer have to give up a draft choice? I think at some point they will sign him. I am still hopeful :-) Thanks for the comment.

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