Rilvalry Report Arizona






Barry Zito pitched 2.2 inning’s giving up 4 hit’s, 3 earned runs, 2 coming off of Andre Ethier’s blast in the 3rd. It is nice to see Andre back in the line up swinging the bat.  Pat Misch faced only 5 batters giving up two hits and walking away with the win. That is difficult for this Dodger fan to say even in spring training. Clayton Kershaw was the Dodger’s starter, pitching 2 innings giving up 4 hits, and 2 earned runs. It is early but there’s defenetly room for improvement, keep fighting Clayton. James McDonald picks up the loss going 1.2 inning’s giving up 5 hit’s and 2 earned runs, one a round tripper to Rich Aurilia. McDonald to me looked as if he was trying to get in rythym, and was’nt quite there. All in all it is still early spring training.

Poor Juan Pierre, after fighting for a spot last year and losing out to Kemp, Ethier and later Ramirez. He has asked for a trade and it has’nt been granted. He showed up early this spring and has refocused his energy toward’s trying to find his place on the team. So far this spring Juan has gone hitless, looking like a man with shattered confidence. I have no problems with you Juan, in fact I am going to give you another boost…. Manny is back there is no sense worrying about that…. just continue to fight your way through the rough time’s and work toward’s improving your confidence. You just may find better day’s ahead. Stay positive Juan, adjust to the game….. and stay positive

The next scheduled meeting between these cross state rival’s is April 1, 2009 at Scottsdale Stadium.



This time we will be bringing # 99

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manny Ramirez Day Once Again!!!


6633526_150x150_mb_art_R0.jpg After months of negotiation’s, or offer’s from the Dodger’s at least, Manny has come back to L.A.. Saying he is satisfied with the current deal and looking foward to the fans and his teamate’s. Manny can live with adjustment’s and the downturning economy has spoken.

Frank McCourt is out of the doghouse and back in the stands with his supporters. This is all wonderful news to me. The Dodgers stick to thier plan and after rethinking the issue have again decided that Manny in Blue is well worth the frustration. I can give credit where it is due. Prop’s to everyone involved. Frank you are making us proud once again, Thank you.

Manny you were outstanding last year as a Dodger. I look foward to your team leadership and positive attitude once again. Gold gloves and a batting title are both within your reach. Thank you Manny for choosing to come back home to L.A. 

Ned Colletti we all know you put in countless hours during these negotiation ‘s. My hat is off to you good work. Keep the strength and faith and continue to improve our chance’s to obtain the ring. Thank you Ned.

The rest of the Dodger teammates, you were thier supporting your fellow Dodger calling for his return, returning yourselve’s. Playing and training your way through the struggle. Thank you.

To all the fans, press and believers out there. The Dodgers are our team they exist in our heart’s like no other. Thank you for your patience and continued support. We Love our Boy’s in Blue.

To the coaches who have been behind this from day one. giving nothing but praise and admiration for the work ethic and leadership skill’s manny provided last year. We appreciate your time and energy. Thank you.

To the belief that we can Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!! It is stronger than ever!! 

The Rilvalry Continues


Dodgers ~ Giants… I know this is still early spring training, and the standing’s dont count toward anykind of post season. However for these two team’s, it is a matter of history.  

It is the oldest standing rivalry in baseball From the city of New York, to the state of California, this passion has remained. Fans and players , engaged in a love hate relationship with the other side. In 1951 it produced the shot heard around the world. Bobby Thomson’s dramatic shot to end the game.

 Again in 1959, the Dodgers sweeping the three game series to end the season overtaking the Giants, on thier way to a World Championship



Jackie Robinson’s retirement after bieng traded to the Giants in 1956. 



Willie Mays refusal to sign with the Dodgers after the 1972 season, eventually going to the Mets.


Tommorrow the Giants visit Camelback Ranch – Glendale for the first time. Earlier last week the Dodger’s made a trip to Scottsdale Stadium and came home victorious. Winning the ballgame 16 – 7.

The blood will surley be flowing once again even in the spring. Mine is just writing my post. 


GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THEM GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING the RING to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Juan Pierre as a Dodger

There is alot of discussion about Juan as a Dodger these day’s some positive some not so positive. The fact remains that Juan is a part of our team like it or not. Juan seem’s to be a likeable guy. He has had to compete with other likeable guy’s for a spot in the line – up. It has been said that Juan has a below average arm, and has trouble making a tough play, it has been said that Juan can’t reach base in order to be effective. These are all very true and good point’s in my opinion. Juan should be working on these thing’s in order to improve.

 Heckling is a part of baseball, albiet a better part when done in good taste. Good taste in my opinion is to make your point, without annoying those around you. I would like to be supportive of any and all of my beloved Dodger’s. I choose not to boo my boy’s for that matter. I am happy with my decision, even when I am not happy with the outcome of the player.

The stuff on the field will work itself out. If Juan is’nt producing up to the expected level, or any other player for that matter, his teamate’s will step up and make this fact known. Once you put on a uniform and lace up your cleat’s the fact of how much money you are making is irrelevant. The only thing that matter’s is can you be of service to your team. That is something you have been working on your whole life, and should be elevated at the Major League level.

Fans will continue to heckle the player’s, hopefully in good taste??? I hope the player’s will continue to work hard to improve, as to satisfy the team and the adoring fans.

So I am going to give Juan a boost and say YOU CAN DO IT JUAN!!!! It is just a matter of improving a little each and every day. Bieng prepared for your moment to assist your team. Go out and get this done and change the way the world is seeing Juan. 

GO JUAN !!!! and GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dodgers ~ Cubs….2009! Let the games begin!



Today is the first game of the Dodgers 2009  baseball season. This wont take me long just wanted to say…. GO GET EM BLUE!!!!!

There will alway’s be a sea of DodgerBlue behind you!!!


                             GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Arbitration avoided with Andre




Andre and the Dodgers agree to last minute deal.


Andre Ethier and the Dodgers came to a last minute agreement this morning. Andre will recieve a one year $3.1 million contract, with some incentives added in. Good job on making this agreement to all the parties involved. Next up you know who……



         GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

     Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!                                     

Where’s Manny?

The Dodgers have shown us Manny’s new locker. Now show us Manny!!!

Manny and Torre.gif


Joe Torre is calling for Manny’s return, Jeff Kemp is calling for Manny’s return, plenty of Dodger fans are calling for Manny’s return. Is’nt it about time that we have Manny return?


Andre’s arbitration hearing set for today. 

Andre Ethier and the Dodgers are scheduled to see an arbitrator today. The Dodgers have offered Andre $2.65 million and he is asking for $3.75 million. I hope they can work something out before they reach the arbitrator, but if not I side with Andre.


Juan Pierre is feeling a little left out.

Juan Pierre showed up for spring training early. After asking to be traded at the seasons end last year, Juan is still a Dodger, he is still asking to play or be traded. Juan we are happy you are in camp early and want to play, just go compete and we shall hope for the best.

Again though is’nt about time for Manny to return?


Dodgers new spring training site, lacking sponsorship. 

The Dodgers new training site is lacking major sponsorship, is what we learned this week. I am saddened to hear this news, as I want my Dodgers to be sucsessful in all aspects of the game. Unfortunatly as this news comes out, many Dodger fans are lacking finances to just get by. Here is an Idea lower prices now in good faith, rather than later when it becomes apparent that we need the help. Thanks Mr Wolf for thinking of us :-)



On the brighter side they are tossing the ball around again. 

The players have started their migration back to the park. They are getting in shape working hard and fine tuning those marvelous skills of thiers, so I am getting excited. I cant wait it wont be long now and we will hear the words…PLAY – BALL!


                                             GO DODGERS!!!


                            Bring The Ring To L.A. In 2009!!!!

My inner child is still alive…..


    It was 40 years ago, that as a budding three year, old my father and I would sit and watch the Dodgers on television together. The story goes so I am told, ” Your father and you were inseparable.. always together, heck he even taught you to recite the Dodgers line – up before the day’s game. ” I do suppose he got a kick out of that. I went and did some research and that memory is quite vague now. I must of needed help with the pitcher? Although, it seem’s I can remember him getting excited when Drysdale was on the mound.

    Baseball was a family thing back then….. His father had been the Pres. of the local little league for years. One of my only memories of my granmpa Eddie was the time my cousin ( Todd ) was starting little league. He was a little older than me, and was in need of the proper footwear, so off to the store we went, boy I can remember how excited Todd was walking off in those cleats. Yeah he wore them out of the store, had to break them in….in those days. Right as we were leaving granpa stopped and said ” We need another pair for you Bobby.” ” I was’nt in need of any was my response,” I was’nt playing baseball! ” You will soon, you will soon! ” said Granpa Eddie. I still remember the feel of the cleat’s hitting the ground for the first time!

    Granpa was right, I was soon on the field with the rest of the kids. And I was’nt just on a little league field either, I was on the field wearing Dodger Blue. I remember one particular game rather well, it was against the Giants. Not just the Giants but the Don Drysdale Sporting Goods Giant’s. I was 10 and behind the plate that day, when I looked over behind the Giants dug – out and there he stood. Don Drysdale himself watching us play. We were having trouble getting the Giants outs at the time… and I was praying he would still be there when we did, so that I could get his autograph. Well we finally made that third out and right as Mr. Drysdale was heading for the parking lot too. My teamates came running in towards the dug – out anxious to bat, as I was headed to the parking lot, still wearing my gear. I caught up with Mr. Drysdale and he was nice enough to sign my mitt for me. I can remember asking him, ” How come you did’nt sponser the Dodgers?” He just smiled and chuckled a little, then said ” I dont know kid do me a favor, go beat them Giant’s for me will ya.” 

   Well It is almost time for the start of a new season. A season where somewhere there is a little boy/girl sitting at home or at the ball park, watching the game with someone they love. See this is the reason we all are attracted to the game of baseball. And 40 season’s from now this same little boy/girl will be waiting to release thier inner child again. I cant wait for the words ” Play-Ball!” What a day that will be….


                                  GO GET EM DODGERS!!!!!!!! 

                              Bring the Ring to L.a. in 2009!!!!!     

Steroids in Baseball……..

This saga, is longer running than Manny bieng Manny….. My anger over all of this is not only with the athletes themselves, but with the hierarchy, that has condoned this behavior as if they were the parent’s of some unknown pop star?

     The fact that it happened / is happening, is’nt what is eating at my patience. It is the lying, deceit and just overall really bad judgement from all.  Let us say for example: that a child is stealing candy from a grocery store, and it is discovered by the parent upon arriving home,

a) Does the parent ignore the fact completely.

b) Reprimand the child for the act, and then allow the child to eat the candy, asking for some themselves.

c) Take the child back to the store, to confront the merchant and apologize for the act, and then accept punishment.

     These are not children getting caught in the act but some of the most looked upon and sought after members of american society.

Leaders….. players…..agents……..representatives…..and yes us the paying public all choosing options other than….c)



IT  is time something, and maybe everything changes…..

The Chant in L.A. is ” Pay ~ Dre!!! “

Andre Ethier was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers on December 14, 2005, by the Oakland Athletics, for Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez.



Photo by Juan Ocampo/Dodgers


Andre and agent Nez Balelo have asked for $ 3.75 million and the Dodgers have offered $2.65 million. The word on the street in L.A., is that Andre has been a class act since he arrived.   

   Here are some of the on field accomplishments, of this fine young ball player.

On the week-ending July 9, 2006 he was named NL player of the week.

Finishing the 2006 season with a .308 batting average, and finishing 5th in the Rookie of the year voting. 

He finished his sophmore season in 2007 with a .284 batting average, while playing in 153 games up from 126 the previous season.

In 2008 he was instramental in bringing the NLDS to L.A.,  by raising his batting average to .305 while playing in 141 games.

Andre has hit for power also, hitting the long ball, 11 times in 2006, 13 times in 2007, and raising the bar to 20 in 2008.

    Let us talk about his off the field perforfance, Andre has been busy helping many worthwhile organizations, since joining the Dodgers.

2007 Childrens Hospital L.A.

2006 and 2007 he made visits to U.S. military veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

2007 he hosted a Play Ball L.A. Clinic for disabled youths at Challanger Little League in El -Segundo, donating $1000 dollars of his own money to help the league.

2007 he spoke to kids at Disney School Field Trip Day at Dodger Stadium.

2007 he spoke to campers at the annual Dodger Youth baseball Camp during the summer.

Andre is involved yearly with the Dodger Caravan that kicks off the season.

I am sure there are more astonishing stats on and off the field, that I have failed to mention.

However you can see what he means to the fans and citizens of L.A..


I would just like to say Thank – You to Mr. Ethier, for all of the accomplishments he has made while proudly displaying the cherished Dodger name across his chest. I also would like to encourage the front office of the Dodgers to work through these petty differences and avoid the upcoming arbitration hearing ( Feb 17,2009.)                                                     


Although I am not one of his gorgeous Ethieraholics I too am chanting……….

Pay dre……….pay dre,pay                       
pay dre…… dre
pay dre… dre
pay dre… dre
pay dre… dre                                                                              
pay dre… dre…pay dre                   PAY ~ DRE!!                                                
pay dre… dre……pay dre
pay dre… dre………pay dre                  
pay dre… dre………pay dre
pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
pay dre……….pay dre                GO DODGERS!!                  


Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!                                         








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